Games with ganja

If you’re a member of that rare breed of stoners who like to be “productive” while stoned (as opposed to sitting on your couch and watching countless episodes of South Park), this book is for you. The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book features a wide range of “stoney-day” activities, such as crossword puzzles, coloring pages and fun pot-related trivia. While some features are useful for every true pothead (how to smoke out of a bowling ball, how to blow smoke rings and how to build a reverse gravity bong), others are less so (how to exercise while high by doing “bong curls”). It’s an entertaining addition to any stoner’s library, although ultimately getting high and watching South Park is probably still your best option. After all, doesn’t the beauty of weed lie in the fact that when you’re stoned, you don’t need to make an effort to entertain yourself?