Rated 1.0

A 95-minute Amp Energy Drink commercial assembled into something loosely resembling a movie, the joylessly frenetic action film Gamer is certain to please 12-year-olds and adults with the minds of 12-year-olds alike. Gerard Butler is a jailed badass hoping to win his freedom by playing a deadly game called Slayers, in which death-row inmates are physically manipulated by players via brain-control technology. The game has made a billionaire out of its psychotic creator (Michael C. Hall), even though it’s a nonsensical mash of The Sims, social-networking sites and first-person shooter games that doesn’t seem like any fun at all. If your film education extends at least to the level of Tango & Cash, you should be able to write the rest of the film. Hell, you should be able to write a better film.