Further suggestions for the themed graffiti already under way in the Fox & Goose men’s room:

Twist and Grout
Tiles Davis
Grout Expectations
Emerald tile
Oscar the Grout
Tiley Minogue
The Grout Space Coaster
Tile Maclachlan
Rainbow grout
Julia Tiles
Little teapot, short and grout
Tile E. Coyote
I highly grout that
Call of the Tiled
Grout of the closet
A Tile of Two Cities
All Creatures Grout and Small
Spicy or tiled
The Grout Gatsby
Tile and error
The Golden Tiled
Stop grouting—I can hear you
Tiled, Tiled West
Grout of this world
Tile you were sleeping
The grout outdoors
Croco-tile tears
The Groutest American Hero
Multi-car tile-up
Grout Britain
Personal tilest
Man a-grout town
The Rockford Tiles
Down and Grout in Beverly Hills
Walk a tile in his shoes
That’s what I’m talking a-grout
Tile M for Murder
They’re Grrrrrrrout!
Stop and stay a tile
It’s the Grout Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Sara Tile
Famine and grout
Tile by jury
All A-grout Eve
I Can See for Tiles
In through the grout door
Sieg tile
The Groutest Story Ever Told
Hostile takeover
Grout of Africa
Tiles to go before I sleep