From Justin to Kelly

Rated 3.0 American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini star in a pleasant little boy-meets-girl musical set in Miami during spring break. Written by Kim Fuller and energetically directed by Robert Iscove, it’s actually a long-distance throwback to the old three-gals-looking-for-love Fox musicals that used to star Betty Grable or June Haver in the 1930s and 1940s. Several catchy, Busby Berkeley-style musical numbers alternate with scenes of awkward acting and corny comedy in a by-the-numbers plot of romantic misunderstandings and mixed signals. Clarkson and Guarini probably could use a few acting workshops, but they can sing and dance, and their kids-next-door appeal helps them out when the music stops. Kelly’s pals are played by Katherine Bailess and Anika Noni Rose; Justin’s are Greg Siff and Brian Dietzen.