Fri., June 07, Desert Noises

Sophia's Thai Kitchen, 9 p.m., $5

Desert Noises may not be blazing trails with its indie-pop rock, but that's part of what makes the four-piece from Provo, Utah, endearing. It's unpretentious stuff—hook-laden and “jangle-rich,” as the band's bio puts it. The most obvious comparison is to Band of Horses, but it takes frequent steps back into the '60s and '70s, evoking the Zombies and the Turtles to good effect. Currently on tour with the Parson Red Heads and Said the Whale, Desert Noises is poised to blow up after playing some of the hippest venues across the West. We're lucky the band is playing Sophia's Thai Kitchen; catch 'em at a small venue while you can. 129 E. Street in Davis,