Fri, Dec 3, The Graves Brothers Deluxe

Delta of Venus, 8:30 p.m., no cover

Delta of Venus

122 B St.
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 753-8639

Some bands defy categorization. Take, for instance, the ever-changing sounds of the Graves Brothers Deluxe, a group that morphs rock with lounge jazz, alternative and sheer improvisation. This week, they’ll hold court at the Delta of Venus, a venue that purposely doesn’t have a traditional venue vibe. Saunter in an hour before showtime and you’ll wonder if you confused this health-conscious eatery with another locale. For those who like to witness their favorite bands while munching on chef Iwaca’s stellar Caribbean food, make sure to save a table and order me the 3 Flavor Fish. Two thumbs up for the music (and the food). 122 B Street in Davis,