Forever My Girl

Rated 2.0

A popular but unhappy country music superstar (Alex Roe) returns to his small hometown and the girlfriend he abandoned at the altar (Jessica Rothe)—and a daughter he never knew he had (Abby Ryder Fortson). Director Bethany Ashton Wolf’s story (from Heidi McLaughlin’s novel) is lifted (no doubt unintentionally) from the forgotten 1956 classic Come Next Spring, but the movie staggers under its own clumsiness (also unintentional). Roe tries for tortured angst, but his character comes off as an unlikeable lump, while young Fortson is saddled with college-age dialogue and the kind of twee precocity that moviemakers seem to think is so cute. And the music isn’t all that hot either. If you’re in the mood for this kind of love-lost-and-found story, stay home and watch Come Next Spring on Amazon Instant Video.