Food finds

Everyone needs to shake up his or her shopping list occasionally. I asked Sacramento’s pre-eminent grocer, Darrell Corti, what new products he’s excited about bringing to Corti Brothers’ shelves in the coming fall:

1. “The first is jarred fruit products from Chile, from a company named Guallarauco: jarred carica, wild pears, baby white peaches and huesillo, which are whole dried peaches reconstituted in syrup. They’re quite delicious.”

2. “Another is a grain from Provence, where approximately 400 acres are planted to this grain, which theoretically shouldn’t exist—it’s the original form of wheat that grew in Europe, called Triticum monococcum (petite épeautre in French). It cooks like barley but with a very interesting wheaty taste.”

3. “For Christmas, there will be a whole series of new panettone, one of which will be made with the raisins for the panettone being soaked in a very special wine called Torcolato. We’ll only have 200 of them.”