Folk you, buddy

Adam Brodsky does a “Woody

Adam Brodsky does a “Woody": This guitar, um, may not kill fascists, but on occasion it growls at Republicans …

Actually, we love folk music, despite any griping to the contrary you may have read in this paper recently. So when a three-pack of pretty good guys, one of whom plays the accordion, hits town in a packaged revue titled “Abrasive Folk Tour” to make some underpowered noise at the True Love Coffeehouse, it is incumbent upon us folk-music enthusiasts (and fellow travelers) at the SN&R to bring this august (actually, November) occasion to your attention. Either Carmaig de Forest (from L.A.), Adam Brodsky (from Philly, home of soul) or Geoff Berner (with accordion, from Vancouver, eh?) will be hitting the stage at the True Love, 2406 J St., on Thursday, November 1, at 9 p.m., with much mirth and mayhem to follow; for safety precautions, beware of flying silk panties. Cover’s $6. Call 492-1002 for more info.