Five ways to increase your trash IQ

1. Take a few minutes to separate your recyclables from trash. Do you know all residential communities, including apartment complexes, larger than five units are required by the Sacramento Regional County Solid Waste Authority to provide recycling opportunities to all residents?

2. Become a Californians Against Waste member. This Sacramento-based organization is dedicated to protect the environment through waste reduction, and recycling policies and programs. Visit the incredibly informative and well-done Web site at, which makes waste a completely fascinating subject!

3. Share your “trashy” values with your kids. Sacramento County’s Waste Management and Recycling runs an outreach program for youth, educating our young people about smart waste and how to make a positive impact on the environment. Contact them at (916) 875-7165.

4. Lobby for packaging-waste reduction. Contact the California Integrated Waste Management Board for more information at (916) 341-6363 or /Packaging.

5. Dispose of toxic-waste items through California’s Take-It-Back Partnership developed by California’s Department of Toxic Substance Control and California Integrated Waste Management. The program identifies local retail stores that serve as drop-off locations for the proper disposal of toxic items such as electronics, fluorescent lamps and batteries. Visit them at