Five cool things at Sacramento River Cats games that have nothing to do with baseball

Raley Field is located at 400 Ballpark Drive in West Sacramento. Call (916) 376-4700 or visit for more information.

Raley Field

400 Ballpark Dr.
West Sacramento, CA 95691

(916) 376-4676

Baseball is too slow.

And every game seems like a toss-up, with most teams’ records never venturing far from the .500 mark. But I always have fun attending baseball games—especially the Sacramento River Cats. Whether it’s the newness and cleanliness of the field, the first-rate food, or the electric atmosphere, Raley Field always impresses. And, if only for a few hours, the community collectiveness at this fan-friendly ballpark seems to transcend the grinding repetition of the sport. So, to preview the Cats’ upcoming season—opening night at Raley Field is Thursday, April 4, at 7:05 p.m.—here are five cool things you can do at a game that have absolutely nothing to do with baseball.

1. Healthy and unhealthy burgers

Raley Field serves up some great food options. Standouts include doughnut cheeseburgers (which features doughnuts in lieu of buns), vegetarian black-bean burgers and locally coveted Merlino’s Freezes—always a refreshing treat. Pro tips: Value Tuesdays feature $1 hot dogs and $1 desserts, and Throwback Mondays offer 50 cent peanuts and popcorn.

2.Get a mohawk

PHOTO by tk

Supercuts returns as a sponsor of Rally Mohawk Nights, where fans can get free mohawks and (optional) red hair dye. It’s a great way to shed a winter coat, so to speak, for the hot days of summer—plus, mohawks are totally “in” right now. Rally Mowhawk Nights are on Friday, May 3; Wednesday, July 3; Friday, July 12; and Thursday, August 29.

3. Dress up with fellow nerds

Star Wars Night is Saturday, June 15. Said enough has this author. Forget not: Come dressed up, young Jedi.

4. Fireworks

There’s literally a fireworks show after every Friday and Saturday game at Raley Field. You don’t even really have to attend a game to see it. Sutter Health sponsors the shows, which begin at 11 p.m.

5. Drinking, duh

Baseball games always go by faster when drinking is involved. Options include two Beers of the World carts (section 109, section 121), a wine cart (section 115), a Mixed Drinks cart (section 109), and a Coors Light cart (section 106). Miller and Miller Light are on sale every Thursday, a.k.a. Thirsty Thursday. A special Tecate Tuesday happens on Tuesday, May 21.