Fishing story

Sea Marks

He said, she said: Don Hayden and Nisa Davis Hayden in <i>Sea Marks</i>.

He said, she said: Don Hayden and Nisa Davis Hayden in Sea Marks.

Rated 4.0

It begins simply enough: a lonely Irish fisherman, writing a letter to a woman he had met for only a moment years before. From this one letter sparks the fire of curiosity and as their letters result in a face-to-face meeting—the magic of romance. The story moves across the sea, from the small Irish fishing village to a city in South Wales. From there, the romance both blossoms and falters until the fisherman finds out his lady love has arranged to have his letters to her printed in a book of sonnets about the sea.

Sea Marks, the latest offering from the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre, is certain to delight theatergoers who are in the mood for a bittersweet romantic evening.

The play, written by Gardener McKay and directed by Adrienne Sher, stars husband-and-wife team Don Hayden (The Elephant Man, Dog Logic) and Nisa Davis Hayden (Emma’s Child, The Elephant Man), both of them a vital part of Sacramento theater for over a decade.

Nisa Davis Hayden delivers a bright, energetic performance while still serving as the calming element of the duo. This is a perfect complement for Don Hayden’s far too loud and perhaps overly earnest portrayal of the Irish fisherman. While his performance is nonetheless riveting and powerful, in the condensed space of the Thistle Dew Theatre, sometimes less is more.