Rated 3.0

A Georgia firefighter (Kirk Cameron), about to give up on his troubled marriage, reluctantly lets his father (Harris Malcom) talk him into a 40-day “Love Dare” program designed to keep him and his wife (Erin Bethea) together. The script by Stephen Kendrick and director Alex Kendrick is unabashedly faith-based and none too subtle about it, with a Sunday-school earnestness that will probably alienate non-Christians and the irreligious (don’t anybody tell Bill Maher!). Still, it’s decently made, with good production values, sincere performances and a modicum of psychological complexity sandwiched in among the sermonettes—even if the Kendricks’ dialogue is occasionally stilted and awkward, and even if their scenes of comic-relief camaraderie among Cameron’s fire-station crew don’t entirely come off.