Finding Nemo

Rated 5.0 A clownfish denizen of the Great Barrier Reef (voice by Albert Brooks) leaves the shelter of home to rescue his son (Alexander Gould) who has been kidnapped by divers and plopped into the aquarium in a dentist’s office. The latest feature from Pixar Animation Studios is another splendid, eye-filling installment in the studio’s unbroken string of classics (the weakest of them so far, 2001’s Monsters, Inc., was merely excellent). The script by Bob Peterson, David Reynolds and director Andrew Stanton brims over with witty characters and breathtaking adventures, and the Pixar look gets more complex and beautiful with every film (an opening short, 1987’s Knick Knack, shows just how far Pixar’s films have come). As a sweet-tempered bluefish with short-term memory loss, Ellen DeGeneres all but steals the film.