Fiery justice

Homophobia and intolerance consume in this intense and tantalizing novel by Daniel Allen Cox. It is 2005 in Kraków, Poland, and the city is in moral disarray as the impending president makes homophobic statements that are a catalyst for conflict between closed-minded heterosexuals and the GLBT community. Radeki Tomaszewski, a bisexual artist who redefines beauty and reality in his scale-model replicas of the world’s great infernos (Chicago, 1871; San Francisco, 1906; London, 1666) and sees fire as a passage to freedom and life, is parkour-crazed and obsessed with bringing equality to Poland with the help of his best friend, Dorotka. Fueled by rage and a need to change the world so that everyone sees that homosexuals are no different from the average person, Radeki and Dorotka make it their mission to transform Kraków (by any means necessary) into a place of peace. Beautiful and captivating, Kraków Melt is a book you’ll want to read twice.