Field of (dashed) dreams

A group of around 100 area homeless people regrouped after the closing of Sacramento’s infamous Tent City three months ago and took a stab at establishing another campground. They set up tent lodging in a vacant lot near downtown and vowed no drugs, no alcohol, no violence—and dubbed their camp “Field of Dreams.” The Sacramento Police Department just rousted them anyway.

Yeah, maybe that particular spot wasn’t ideal for a permanent campground. But sites that would be deemed more appropriate are obviously available. It’s time for city leaders to approve a homeless site where those without a roof over their heads can pitch tents and have access to running water, bathrooms and trash collection. These are community members, however down and out, and deserve to live without fear of being constantly rousted by police who are stuck enforcing the law in the absence of political leadership on this issue.

We know a camp will not solve homelessness or the complex factors that go into making any particular individual homeless, especially during a severe recession. But at least a campground can provide an immediate solution to this most critical need of a safe place to sleep.

Mayor and council members: The time is now.