Female force

Saturday, October 3, Creative Women Mini-Con


Representation of nondudes in comics, both on covers and behind the scenes, may be getting better, but there's still a ways to go. No worries, though, our local comics scene is on it—and has been for a few years, if the upcoming third annual Creative Women Mini-Con is any indication.

The event brings together established, well-known female artists, writers and publishers with local talents for a day of celebrating the contributions of women to the art of comics.

One of the big names available for chatting up is Barbara Randall Kesel, who has written comic books for publishers such as Dark Horse, Image, CrossGen and Marvel.

For those of you who are really into Transformers—this should be all of you—be sure to talk with Mairghread Scott, author of IDW's Transformers: Windblade series, and Erminia Saucedo, a voice actor for the fan project Transformers Elite, which depicts the continuing adventures of an all-female-identified squad of robots that appeared in one episode of the original series before getting ditched by Hasbro.

Local artists include Crystaline Owen, Angelina Brewer, Sarah René Kraft and Madelyne Templeton (whose art is pictured above).

The event takes place at Empire's Comics Vault (1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K) on Saturday, October 3. For more information, visit www.empirescomics.com.