Fahrenheit 9/11

Rated 3.0 Michael Moore’s latest film crystallizes the case against George W. Bush—his administration, says Moore, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saudi royal family, and he exploited post-9/11 fears to hijack the hunt for Osama bin Laden into a war on Iraq, serving his Saudi masters while settling his daddy’s old score with Saddam. Politically, the movie will confirm either your low opinion of Bush or your low opinion of Moore. Moore’s camera-hogging makes the film drag in the middle, he can’t help condescending even to some with whom he agrees (like a band of peace workers in Fresno), and he’s not above exploiting the grief of a soldier’s mother to drive home his point. Still, the movie has his usual stimulating mix of clodhopping humor (often very funny) and passive-aggressive indignation (sharp and provocative).