Extreme pop

The Body, No One Deserves Happiness

If you’re a fan of bleakness, you’ve probably heard the Body, a band of two dudes based in Portland that uses a guitar, drums and electronics to pump out sparse, fuzzy and inscrutably nihilistic drones. On this album, the group set out to create “the grossest pop album of all time,” and while it’s hard to call something pop when it’s so much closer to noise, the addition of clean vocals, horns and beats unmistakably pulled from an 808 prove that inaccessible accessibility is the new hotness in extreme music. Plus, this is the first album from the Body with (some) discernible lyrics. Check out the single “Shelter is Illusory” to see if the blend of despair, shrill hisses and ’80s dance can work for you. http://thebody.bandcamp.com.