Exploring Sacramento:

The Valley’s Natural Wonders

Photo By Barb Williams

Sierra Club invites you to join local experts for a year-long adventure into the wonders of the Sacramento Valley. Exploring Sacramento: The Valley’s Natural Wonders is a series of 12 evening talks and 12 companion field trips to give Sacramento residents a deeper understanding of this wonderful region we call home.

Local experts provide an informative Monday evening talk and guide the group on the following Saturday’s field trip to increase connection with the natural cycles and beauty of the Sacramento Valley. Areas of exploration include the Valley’s wildflowers, geology, wildlife, Native American history, vernal pools, watershed, astronomy, weather and air quality, organic farming and soil, oak savannah, and how we can restore and preserve what we have. We will carpool whenever possible to the various field trip locations.

The program is non-academic and designed for the general public whether you have lived in the Sacramento Valley for a short time or all your life! Everyone is welcome! Exploring Sacramento offers an opportunity to get to know the magic of living in the richest agricultural basin in the world as well connecting with other participants who share an interest in their bioregion.

What do you know about where you live? Here are some questions we will explore:

• Can you trace the water you drink from rainfall to tap to the ocean?

• Where did the food from your typical meal come from? Try to trace as many ingredients back to the processing plant, farm or factory, soil. . . How was it grown or raised?

• Where does the garbage go when you throw it “away”?

• Where does your electricity come from and how was it generated?

• Can you name 5 native trees, local wildflowers, migratory birds, and threatened or endangered species of this area?

Registration for the full year program is encouraged. The registration fee is $360. This fee covers the costs for the 12 expert evening presentations, 12 outings, all site fees, program materials, binder, and a contribution to the Sierra Club Sacramento Group. The registration cost may be paid in full or with two or four installments.

As space permits, the monthly evening talk will also be open to the public for a fee of $5 and participation in the field trips will be $30 per person.

So, come along for a fun exploration of the Valley. Experience its magnificent wonders that are integral to our lives. For more information please contact: Tony Loftin (916) 448-3230 (or email at HikingTony@earthlink.net) or Kathy Ries (916) 739-6705 (or by email at SAEarthDay@aol.com).