Everyone’s Hero

Rated 3.0

When a Yankee Stadium groundskeeper loses his job by getting blamed for the theft of Babe Ruth’s bat, his kid sets out to find the real thief and return the bat to the Babe in time for the Yankees to win the World Series. In this effort, he has the help of a talking baseball (voice by Rob Reiner), and when he finds the bat, “she” (Whoopi Goldberg) can talk, too. The setup of this computer-animated feature is strained, the story is contrived, and the ending is downright silly. Still, it’s harmless enough, with a nice gleaming look and some wholesome, worthy messages about following your dream, being loyal to your friends, never giving up hope, yada yada yada. This was the last project of Christopher Reeve (co-director with Colin Brady and Dan St. Pierre) and his wife Dana (producer and voice artist).