Everybody Wants Some!!

Rated 3.0

Writer-director Richard Linklater’s latest might well have been called Dazed and Confused and in College and Five Years Later. That’s basically the whole ball of wax, following an ensemble of Texas collegiate baseball players as they begin the 1980-81 academic year—drinking, smoking dope, partying, pranking, line dancing, trying to hook up and, every now and then, training on the diamond and attending class. The movie is good fun, with Linklater’s trademark dizzy, sparkling R-rated dialogue and, like Dazed and Confused 23 years ago, a soundtrack chock full of nostalgic rock ’n’ roll. The cast of newcomers and little-knowns is appealing: Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman, Juston Street, Wyatt Russell, Zoey Deutch. There may be a star or two in the making here; personally, my money is on Glen Powell. J.L.