Essential manners for weedheads

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

What is good etiquette around your non-using/liking friends?

—Jock from Twitter

This is a very good question, especially since the holiday party season is upon us. Cannabis is an excellent party drug, seeing as how it is a mild euphoric and generally doesn’t make people violent or weepy. However, cannabis is a stinky drug, and while you or I may love the smell (whenever I walk into a spot that smells like weed, I immediately assume the function will be fun, mellow and full of good snacks), some people really, really can’t stand it. I would say it is the responsibility of the party-thrower to create a designated area for pot smoking to occur, preferably somewhere dry, warm and close to the food. If the party is a no-smoking affair, or there are young children present, it is perfectly acceptable to take a walk around the block.

If you are hanging out with a new friend and you don’t know how they feel about pot, just ask. A simple, “I feel like it’s time to spark one up, wanna hit?” should be enough to get the joint, er, ball, rolling. If they say no, you can wait. If they say yes, now you two have another thing in common. We are on the West Coast, so pot isn’t really a big deal anymore, and I don’t think anyone is gonna judge you for being a stinky weedhead. Generally, using common sense, asking for permission when you are in someone else’s space and erring on the side of caution will help you have a happy and stony holiday season. Merry Chrishannakwannzikah!

Do you have any advice for weed causing anxiety? I used to smoke and really enjoyed it. It helped me clear my head and be more creative, but now it gives me anxiety attacks. I’m just trying to figure it out, if you have any information to share on the subject, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

—Tuhai Fersure

Yeah. It happens. THC can ease anxiety, but it can also cause anxiety because drugs (and humans) are weird. Generally, anxiety caused by cannabis means you smoked too much. Try taking just a hit or two. Look for a strain lower in THC. Remember that the goal isn’t to get as high as possible, but to have a good time. Maybe find a strain that has a good CBD count. CBD is known to help with anxiety and to moderate the effects of THC. If none of these things work, just stop smoking. Weed isn’t always for everyone. You will be fine.

Is it true Purple Kush is no longer the best?

—Cloudy Claude

Um, has Purple Kush ever been “the best?” It’s such a subjective measure. I remember when White Widow was all the rage. Then it was Trainwreck. Then it was OG Kush. Now it’s Cookies. Hell, I know some folks who love brown weed. It doesn’t matter. Just find some weed you like and enjoy it.