Erase Errata

Ever wonder where an Alice Donut or Trenchmouth fan could turn since those bands’ demise? Leave it to the four young girls of San Francisco’s Erase Errata. Jenny yelps and wields a trumpet, Ellie holds down the low-end frequencies, Bianca rocks the kit and Sara tortures the guitar. The band has revived dingy, low-fi rock and taken the meaning of coarse to a new level. Its recent show with Black Dice at Retrofit Studios earned it praises from those in attendance—most of them admitted the band stole the show. Following the band “New” Terror Class, Erase Errata could be Troubleman Unlimited’s next breakthrough act for 2001. If elements of Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” were fused with rumblings of early Sonic Youth, the end result might resemble Other Animals—a gritty, poignant record that demands your attention and is isn’t afraid to play with your psyche.