Rated 3.0 World War III has left planet Earth ruled by a totalitarian Big Brother who blames man’s inhumanity to man on unchecked, vacillating emotions. The populace is brainwashed into injecting themselves on schedule with a depressant called Prosium while government agents patrol, destroying works of art and personal effects and incinerating all “Sense Offenders.” Top dog enforcers such as John Preston (Christian Bale) are trained to move and shoot in an intricate pattern that allows them to kill a roomful of heavily armed rebels in total darkness without getting even grazed themselves. Preston becomes his own worst enemy when he skips his dosage and is filled with feelings in a sort of Hong Kong action mutation of such futuristic nightmares as Fahrenheit 451 and George Orwell’s 1984. The film was written and directed by Kurt Wimmer.