It is no secret that we believe all adult citizens have the fundamental, constitutional right to marry the partner of their choice. Last June’s court decision allowing gay couples to exercise that right in California was a bona fide leap forward in the struggle to achieve fundamental justice in this realm. Our fellow citizens, some of whom had waited for decades to have marriages formally recognized by the state, were finally granted basic equality. And that is something to stand up and applaud.

It should come as no surprise, then, that we strongly urge a no vote on Proposition 8, a fear-exploiting attempt to overturn this ruling. Set for the November ballot, Proposition 8 would take the right of marriage equality away from an entire group of citizens in the name of tradition. And religion.

We reject any argument for basing civil law on either. Laws which restrict civil rights are wrong; they deny the humanity of our fellow citizens. Join us in voting no on Proposition 8.