Eight Gigs: Whiskey & Stitches

Fri., Jan. 15, 6 p.m., Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub, $8-$10

The sounds of old-timey whiskey bars fused with Irish folk-punk laments and four-on-the-floor rock beats make Whiskey & Stitches’ music perfect for slapping the knee whilst hoisting a mug. The group’s vocals are forlorn and raspy, with drawn-out, ruminating notes that sound like men at peace with—or even reveling in—the intricacies of sorrow. The band is going to be playing at Irishpalooza this year along with friends One-Eyed Reilly and the Pikeys, so everyone can come join in on its perfect blend of lively and bittersweet. 2708 J Street, www.facebook.com/Whiskey-and-Stitches-119867656932.