Eight Gigs: UnderRAGE Music Festival

Sat., Sept. 10, 3 p.m., Cafe Colonial, $5

Much of the time, the 21-and-under music crowd is excluded from venues for a variety of reasons like booze and late-night hours (or because they don’t own fake IDs). But this summer there’s a solution: The UnderRAGE Music Festival is an all-day event that features bands all under 21 years old. Hosted by the alternative rock band URD-OM (pictured), the festival brings together myriad genres with more than just age in common, but also a passion for music. Performances include pop-rock three-piece Simpl3Jack, reggae rock band Nothin’ Special, metalheads Fortress Unified from Manteca and more. 3520 Stockton Boulevard, www.facebook.com/urdom.