Eight Gigs: TBD Fest: Bleepy Hollow

Sat., Oct. 31, 7 p.m., The Hanger Studios, $25-$45

Just when you thought you had recovered from last month's TBD Fest, the wizards behind the festival curtain are back at it with something a little off the fake-cobweb-laden path for Halloween. Swapping treats for beats, the party features infectious, danceable electronic synth in the form of East Coast-artist Com Truise (pictured), bringing his “slow-motion funk,” and electronic composer, performance artist and masked mystery man Slow Magic, self-described as “music by your imaginary friend.” There's also a special guest on the bill, though in true TBD fashion, there's no word on who it is yet. 1425 C Street, www.tbdfest.com.