Eight Gigs: Summer Twins

Wed., Mar. 2, 8:30 p.m., Press Club, $7

A quick glance at Summer Twins’ album cover and you’re struck by just how adorable they are. On their self-titled 2012 record, sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown are posing awkwardly, wearing roller skates. On their latest, Limbo, they are ruffling each other’s hair and smiling. These images really give a sense of their music: These are carefree, wistful garage-pop tunes with a ton of harmonies and a tip of the hat to ’60s garage-rock and beach-pop—the lighthearted end of the spectrum in both cases. The group is appropriately enough signed to Burger Records. And they are a lot of fun live. 2030 P Street, http://summertwins.com.