Eight Gigs: Sacramento Colonial Fest: Gamer Edition

Fri., May 26 – Sat. May 27, 6 p.m., Colonial Theater, Cafe Colonial, The Colony, $20 - 35

You can get your fill of music in Sacramento this weekend, when 32 bands will play on three stages across two days. You’ll be tapping your toes and stomping your feet to metal, punk, rock and indie groups throughout the festival. It’s not just about the bands this year, though: The third-annual Colonial Fest spotlights the local gaming community, too. You can join the Mario Kart or Tekken tournament, or sit down with friends for a round of Super Smash Bros. You can even bring your own retro cartridges to play on Atari, Game Cube and Dreamcast. 3520 Stockton Boulevard, www.saccolonialfest.squarespace.com.