Eight Gigs: Period Bomb

Sat., July 16, 7 p.m., Cafe Colonial, $12

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

It should be no surprise that I’m drawn to Period Bomb, not just because of the Los Angeles band’s sassy, don’t-give-a-fuck brand of feminist punk or the photos of its singer drenched in blood that may or may not have been in someone’s vagina earlier. Really, it’s the song “Gnarly Princess” off the EP Yes! I’m Bleeding! And specifically, the chorus: “DIRT, DIRT, DIRT, GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER.” Anyway, lots of rad California acts are playing the second annual Sac LadyFest on Friday and Saturday, including locals Lights and Sirens, Spacewalker, Destroy Boys and Ghostplay. See them all—and remember, it’s a safe space. 2130 L Street, www.periodbomb.com.