Eight Gigs: NorCal Noisefest

Fri., Sept. 30, 7 p.m, Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar, $10

Photo by Denise Chelini

NorCal NoiseFest is the longest-running noise-experimental festival out there. It’s still going strong in its 20th year. Outsider artists like Mia Zabekla, Humanfluidrot and Skrunt Skrunt come from far-flung places to show off their unique, eccentric talents. Regional noisemakers like Instagon, Uberkunst, Chopstick (pictured) and Big City Orchestra make a point to play almost every year. This three-day event is jam-packed with creative sound art that explores the dichotomy between music and noise. There’s bound to be something for anyone looking for what’s happening out in the weirder musical wilderness. 1414 16th Street, www.norcalnoisefest.com.