Eight Gigs: Nick Waterhouse

Tuesday, Aug. 25, Harlow’s Restaurant and Nightclub, $18

Not many people can say this, but I can prove that time travel exists. My evidence: one Nick Waterhouse. Watching the man perform, I don't believe you can prove that he didn't just step out of 1950 and on to the stage at Harlow's. The sound, the threads—they're all as crisp as the bracing sting of Aqua Velva. His 2014 LP Holly is packed with sonic nods to a bygone era—tight reverb on the electric guitar, slinky organ and spirited saxophone on standout cuts like “This Is A Game,” “Dead Room” and “Holly.” Style profiles in GQ and Lexus commercials would follow. They had Lexuses (Lexii?) in the ‘50s, right? 2708 J Street, http://nickwaterhouse.com.