Eight Gigs: Media Jeweler

Sun., Sept. 6, 8:00 p.m.; Third Space Art Collective, $5

Media Jeweler is a rock band, they'll have you know. Their press release says, “The nuance lost with the variety of modifying adjectives that can precede ‘rock' is priceless.” While I emphatically agree, I feel this, in practice, would be very confusing. Record-store clerks would riot in the streets, and Big Hyphen would use all its lobbying money to bring us back to the old system. Anyway, I'd compare the band's sound to a few hyphen-rock bands—post-rock outfits like Tortoise and Slint with proggier moments like Don Caballero. God, no one tell them about this. With Pregnant, Woodwose and Warm Tape. 946 Olive Drive in Davis, www.mediajeweler.org.