Eight Gigs: Kendra McKinley

Thu., June 9, 9 p.m., Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, $7-$10

Deb Leal

When discussing San Francisco’s Kendra McKinley, St. Vincent comparisons abound. McKinley’s sound is far more ’60s inspired, with some bossa nova and tribal notes creeping through her psychedelic pop, and St. Vincent’s characteristic spacey guitar lines are absent. But the pair share a commitment to intricacy and artistry, which is abundantly clear based on the previews we’ve heard for McKinley’s upcoming sophomore record, Treat. Already, there’s a pervasive retro aesthetic and badass eyeliner application. As if this all isn’t enough, McKinley opens for Bay Area indie heavyweight Trails and Ways. 129 E Street, Suite E, in Davis; www.kendramckinley.com.