Eight Gigs: Jucifer

Thurs., Jan. 22, 9 p.m., Press Club, $12

If you've never seen Jucifer before and would like your hearing to remain as it is, bring some earplugs. The band played the original Capitol Garage years ago and nearly blew the roof off the building—figuratively. Although Jucifer's only a drum-and-guitar duo, make no mistake: This band can bring the noise. Gazelle Amber Valentine sings and plays guitar alongside drummer and husband Edgar Livengood. Expect the entire stage to be filled wall to wall with enough amplification to meet the needs of 20 festival bands. Besides, any band named after the combination of O.J. Simpson's nickname (Juice) and Lucifer deserves attention. Also performing: Cura Cochino, Church and Abominous. 2030 P Street, www.jucifer.net.