Eight Gigs: Joan Osborne Acoustic Trio

Mon., April 18, 6:30 p.m., Crest Theatre, $25-$45

Circa 1995, coffee-shop philosophers everywhere were sipping their dark roast, mulling over the question brought up by Joan Osborne’s breakout hit: What if God was one of us? Whoa. Deep. Twenty-plus years later, seven-time Grammy nominee Osborne is still at it, with her latest album, Bring it on Home, released last month. Those only familiar with “One of Us” will be impressed with Osborne’s stylistic range; she actually specializes in a blues and R&B feel, and once toured with legendary Motown backing band the Funk Brothers. The trio is filled out by Keith Cotton and Jack Petruzzelli. 1013 KStreet, www.joanosborne.com.