Eight Gigs: Fall Out Boy

Wed., August 5, Sleep Train Amphitheatre, $40-$490

The mid-2000s seem like a lifetime ago. Super low-rise flared jeans. Ed Hardy everything. Britney & K-Fed all the time. Emo punk. In truth, however, that time is only 10 years past which means the era currently exists in an awkward holding pattern somewhere between nostalgia and laughably dated. Kind of like Fall Out Boy. On the band's Boys of Zummer tour, singer Patrick Stump and company (still dressed in their best Hot Topic duds) kick out bratty, bro-tinged punk that somehow manages to seem earnest and heartfelt. Hey, it's OK to give into your 2005 self and sing along to “Sugar, We're Goin' Down.” Honest. 2677 Forty Mile Road in Wheatland, http://falloutboy.com.