Eight Gigs: Dead Meadow

Tues., Jan. 5, 8 p.m., Starlite Lounge, $12

Dead Meadow rose to notoriety with the release of Shivering King and Others on Matador Records in 2004, and the rest has been psych-rock history. With a catalog that spans seven studio albums and dates back to 2000, this trio is now a headliner across the country. Led by the guitar and vocal stylings of Jason Simon, the group is propelled by the able rhythm section of Steve Kille (bass and sitar) and Mark Laughlin (drums) to create a wall of stoner and psych rock swell unlike any other on the touring circuit. An analog liquid light show courtesy of Lance Gordon and Mad Alchemy will accompany the music. 1517 21st Street, www.deadmeadow.com.