Eight Gigs: All People

Wed., June 15, 8 p.m., Naked Lounge, $5

All People play songs that have inward-looking goth lyrics wrapped up in a rich, dreamy indie-punk package. Lines like “I wanna lie in a cold ravine,” and “I’m fearful and sick / I want none of this,” are playfully contradicted by drive-by trombone solos and synths that are almost-but-not-quite cheery and light. Metallic guitar riffs and punk-induced drum beats are what give such digressions a catchy, indie edge. All People manage to make a three-minute song feel long (in a good way) and pensive without going comatose. Its new album S/T, coming in at 27 minutes, showcases this talent perfectly. 1111 H Street, www.facebook.com/