Eight Gigs: Abyss

Mon., Aug. 3, Press Club, $8

If you're not into blast beats or heavy-handed guitar riffs, Abyss would rather have you stay home and jerk off to Netflix. This is the sound of an M-80 being shoved down your pants and exploding at groin level. The band recently released its debut record, Heretical Anatomy, on the awesome 20 Buck Spin label. And, as luck would have it, Abyss will grace Sacramento's Press Club to lay waste to those who like it fast and dirty. Fans of sloppy grindcore bands like Napalm Death, Impaled and Carcass will find great reward on tunes like “Atavistic Decay” and the album's highlight, “Chained To Extinction.” Also on the bill are Rat Damage, Sexless and xTom Hanx. 2030 P Street, http://aphoticabyss.blogspot.com.