Easy A

Rated 2.0

I am still not sure what to make of Emma Stone. Is she all smirk and smolder or this there a real actress behind the eye-rolling attitude? At the very least, the fact that Will Gluck’s shoddy teen comedy Easy A has been tagged as her “breakout role” cannot be a good sign. Stone plays Olive, a plucky but unpopular high-schooler whose lie about losing her virginity is broadcast across campus by fellow student/Christian crusader Marianne (Amanda Bynes). The newly noticed Olive takes a cue from her classroom reading material and sews the letter “A” on to her clothes (just like The Scarlet Letter!), eventually using her slutty notoriety to help other bullied teens lose their fake virginity (just like The Scarlet Letter!). Meanwhile, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson do a bit of dinner theater as Olive’s Juno-esque parents.