Dungeons & Dragons

Rated 1.0 This popular 1980s role-playing game is now an ultra-lame, big-screen fantasy adventure. A young empress (American Beauty’s Thora Birch) enlists the aid of two young, inept thieves (Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans) to help her bring freedom and equality to the common masses in the mythical kingdom of Izmer. Her nemesis is a powerful magician (Jeremy Irons) who wants to gain possession of a famed scepter that will allow him to rule their universe. The Gothic, medieval-looking sets and a massive dragon battle offer some impressive eye candy, but the main characters here, including a dwarf, an elf, a sadistic goon and Whalin’s role as a sword-and-sorcery Han Solo wannabe, have all the personality of a baked potato. Written and directed by Courtney Solomon.