Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Rated 1.0 When the history of brain-dead comedies is written, this god-awful fiasco will have several paragraphs all to itself. It’s hard to believe that someone, somewhere, actually said, “Hey, let’s make a prequel to a movie that had nothing going for it except Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels—and we’ll do it without Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels!” It’s even harder to believe that somebody else thought this was a good idea—much less the nine producers listed here. The original film’s writing and directing team, brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly, wisely took a pass this time, leaving the dirty work to Robert Brenner and Troy Miller. In the title roles, two hapless nobodies, Eric Christian Olsen (as Lloyd) and Derek Richardson (as Harry), set their careers back a few years.