Don’t guilt me into liking them

Kevin Lee of Silver Darling was pissed some dude scooped up all the exclusive Tom Waits Record Store Day 7-inches; if you have an extra one, kick down to a bro, no?

Kevin Lee of Silver Darling was pissed some dude scooped up all the exclusive Tom Waits Record Store Day 7-inches; if you have an extra one, kick down to a bro, no?


Free radio: Because we love monotone voices, awkward pauses and dudes who go “um,” it’s time again to donate to our favorite college radio station, KDVS 90.3 FM. And if you fork over scratch, it’s not really donating; you can get some seriously cool shit for it. For instance, you can “donate” to get the new Matisyahu (OK, not that cool) or a KDVS octopus shirt. Some of the best items are crafts, made by deejays like Heather Klinger, who creates some weird-ass melted record bowls. Check out the list of stuff at, and then donate away, buddy. But you have to do it by Sunday, April 26, or else people start dying. (Josh Fernandez)

Go back to Seattle, aww: “The highlight every time for me on the road, at this point, is going out with other bands and making new friends,” Death Cab for Cutie bassist Nick Harmer says, sincerely, engendering an “aww” response, not unlike the emotive quality of the band’s music. The 11-year-old ensemble headlines the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium on Monday in support of 2008’s Narrow Stairs and the just-released Open Door EP.

“Cold War Kids are so full of good, sassy attitude, and the Ra Ra Riot kids are so full of energy and youth. The idea that I get to be in a band after that and play is just a gift somehow,” Harmer effuses. Ladies and gentlemen secure in their masculinity (or lack thereof), say it together now: Aww!

DCFC made friends and got a souvenir on its ’06 tour, too. Harmer explains: “We toured with this band the Cribs. They were good friends of ours, but we would kind of haze them sometimes … throw things onstage when they were playing. So … they took a bunch of tape and wrote ‘Go back to Seattle’ [on a sheet]. They unfurled this big banner right over the side of the stage so the crowd could see it. So we took it and put it in our practice space.” Seeing is believing: (Shoka)

Broken record: Realized at Record Store Day that I haven’t yet bought a physical, able-to-hold-in-my-hand-and-sniff-that-sweet-plastic-lining CD or LP in 2009. So, while watching Silver Darling (see photo) at R5 Records on Saturday, I felt guilty … but still didn’t buy anything.

Yeah, I’ve downloaded a ton—some legally, mostly illegally. But I’m feeling like throwin’ down 10 large on a CD (that’s how much it costs, yeah?). Anyway, got any recommendations? Feel so ashamed. (Nick Miller)

Rumor mill of mortality: With a swift tumble of the trusty six-sided die, it is decided that Ross Hammond’s Monday night jazz series is no longer. Good thing Hammond himself is not dead. And in fact, the guy’s an industrious fellow who can turn lemons into jazz or whatever. He’ll recover.

And the rumor mill of mortality also says that Sacramento’s favorite band (besides Deftones, Tesla, !!!, Cake and Agent Ribbons), Th’ Losin Streaks, is also gone. Yup. The gods have spoken and our favorite things in Sacramento are now dead. Who is next? (J.F.)

Happy B-day, R.K.: If you enjoy jazz-based rap, check out Los Angeles’ Rebels to the Grain. Don’t be lazy, here’s a detailed plan: First, find Rebels to the Grain on MySpace to see if you like them ( Don’t worry, you will like them. Now, all you have to do is check them out at L!fe at the Distillery (2107 L Street) on Thursday night at 10 p.m. DJ 7evin will be also there doing that cool thing he does with his hands and stuff (no, not that!). This night is to honor the birth of a photographer, so happy birthday, Rebecca Knoblauch, of Stimulate Photography ( We at SN&R appreciate you. (J.F.)

You missed it, that’s What’s Up?: Former Sacramentans Teddy Briggs, Brian Marshall and Robby Moncrieff are What’s Up?, and they have an astounding new LP, Content Imagination, and when you play it the guitars and bass/drum thumpin’ backbeat overtakes your entire being, like coming down off a jacked-up mushroom trip.

What’s Up? moved to Portland—boo—but kicked off what should be a bangin’ Sac summer house show season on Sunday in Midtown. It was dark, loud, lacking bass, but tight, and What’s Up?’s set is better than ever. Get the LP now—oh, and it comes in a bronze format, too, which I’m pretty sure would sound like crap on the turntable. (N.M.)