Don’t forget Social Security

Seth Sandronsky is a member of Sacramento Area Peace Action and co-editor of Because People Matter; he can be reached at

The public-relations blitz by the Bush administration on the taxpayers’ dime to “save” Social Security from running out of funds “is on life support,” reported The Washington Post in late July. Why?

Because people from all walks of life organized to oppose Team Bush nationwide. Examples include grassroots groups like the Gray Panthers, which has a Sacramento chapter.

The Gray Panthers helped Main Street resist President Bush’s attack on the heart of the U.S. safety net for regular folks. This temporary victory was due to the largely hidden involvement of many. Welcome to grassroots politics.

Powerful capitalists have been trying to gut Social Security since its birth 70 years ago. Government protection from the market for ordinary people means that much less in the pockets of a parasitic upper class.

Social Security benefits paid to the disabled, retirees and survivors are funded by payroll taxes paid by employees and employers. Some 47 million Americans receive Social Security benefits that provide them economic security. Their benefits are financially sound through mid-century, say the Social Security trustees and the Congressional Budget Office. Can you say the same for stock-market investments?

Republican politicians returned to Capitol Hill in September with plans to break—that’s “save” in GOP-speak—the popular program. Team Bush is relentless when it comes to Social Security.

One plan to fix Social Security has been introduced by Representative Jim McCrery, R-Louisiana. His bill, House Resolution 3304, will create private accounts, slash benefits and expand the federal debt. That’s a lose-lose situation for working Americans.

Social Security activism against Bush’s privatization plan must continue across America. To that end, I have every confidence that the Gray Panthers and like-minded folks will continue to mobilize to keep the GOP’s hands off Social Security.

Ordinary people—current employees and retirees—across the United States see the need to proceed in this way, despite and because of the administration’s doom and gloom campaign that Social Security is going bust.

That’s a popular victory. But as a famous philosopher once said, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

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