The Sickness

Have you ever seen a band, live, that grabs your attention so viscerally that you immediately run out and buy its CD? Then you pop it into your player, expecting the best, and you’re let down. Way down. Disturbed is such a band. Screecher David Draiman may be a potential star; anyone who saw him at Ozzfest can attest that he’s got "it"—that indefinable quality rarely seen in a frontman. Disturbed’s music, however, is a fusion of Godsmack and N.I.N., with just a hint of a Megadeth riff or two and some Limp Bizkit production tricks. And Draiman’s vocabulary doesn’t extend much beyond USA Today, so his lyrics aren’t Shakespearean. A few strong cuts show a glimmer of potential, but by the time the group’s cover of Tears for Fears’ "Shout" rolls around, you can just picture Roland Orzabal’s hair starting to curl. This Chicago group will not make anyone forget about the Jesus Lizard anytime soon.