Disrespecting tragedy

Ryan Rose is a Sacramento writer

In what could be the most disgusting political action of the year, President George W. Bush proved again why he does not deserve four more years.

To kick-start his re-election campaign, Bush authorized a series of commercials portraying him as a “strong leader in times of change.” I guess “strong” is the right word, considering how offensive I found the commercials.

Because there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no good news about the economy, a high unemployment rate and no sign of things getting better, Bush chose to celebrate the crowning victory of his four years in office: September 11.

Unforgivable at best, the commercials splice images of the president with those of firefighters, funerals and ground zero. Evoking 9/11 and the possibility of future attacks, Bush’s message is clear: “Vote for me, y’all, or the evildoers will come and get ya!”

These commercials only beg the question: Who is the real terrorist threat to America?

By authorizing these distasteful advertisements, Bush has broken yet another of his promises. The president told the Associated Press on January 23, 2003, “I have no ambition whatsoever to use [September 11] as a political issue.”

There is nothing sacred for this president. September 11 is another handhold on his way to the top; the dead bodies of 9/11 victims, a ladder. By assaulting our senses with this trash and profiting from the deaths of innocent people, he is as guilty as those who perpetrated the attacks.

Does this so-called born-again Christian have a soul? I wager Bush has but one prayer: giving thanks for the September 11 attacks.

Without 9/11, Bush would have faded into obscurity—a spit in the ocean of history. Terrorism and war gave Bush’s presidency the direction it needed and temporarily stalled jokes about his pathetic intellect and embarrassing communication skills.

Bled by the Bush administration for political gain, September 11 now lies drained of its sanctity. It’s been piggybacked to death by this president, and W. hopes to ride this pony past Kerry in November.

I will not stand for such disrespect of a national tragedy. Neither should you.