Rated 2.0

Diana was directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel, the German filmmaker of Downfall who came to America for 2007's disastrous The Invasion, and now, apparently, doesn't care what he makes. This is a tacky, media sound-bite biopic that tells you everything you already knew about the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and presents it as insider dish. The movie only covers Diana's already well-covered last couple years, and as such would have felt more at home on the USA Network in 1999. Naomi Watts is an excellent actress, but the vacuous script boxes her into a flavorless and ennobling impersonation. Her lack of resemblance to Diana makes her most effective when shot from behind, leaving the blond bob wig and high-waisted pants to do the heavy lifting. A sparkless romance between Diana and a Pakistani doctor (Naveen Andrews, looking positively constipated) takes center stage—it's like watching wax figures melt.